Huawei Ascend G610 firmware|G610 ROM official

Huawei Ascend G610 firmware (G610-U00,Android 4.2,Emotion UI,V100R001CHNC17B127, China Unicom

Huawei Official ROM firmware of Huawei G610 flash Pack, this firmware packages which is the official version of the ROM packages, the firmware package can be used to save brick, which is bricked your phone, can be recovered by saving bricks, if necessary you can download for standby.

Huawei Ascend G610 ROM G610-U00,Android 4.2,Emotion UI,V100R001CHNC17B127

Brand model: Huawei Ascend G610-U00
Build number:  V100R001CHNC17B127
Version: Android 4.2
Language:  Chinese/English
Author:  Huawei
Release date : 7/4/2013
ROM size: 542.26M

downloadHuawei Ascend G610 ROM Download Link


How to flash or update
First said the overall operation idea: If your cell phone can get into the system, via a data line or WiFi upgrade ROM to the phone’s built-in memory SD card’s root directory, and then brush into the brush mode to enter. Another is, if your mobile phone can not enter the system, can’t use data cable computer will then prepare a memory card only through the ROM upgrade kit put on the external memory card, then plug the memory card into the phone, and then entered the brush pattern brush into the can.
Starting operation:
1 prepare a 1G capacity SD card, Sandisk is recommended, Kingstone, or Kingmax.
2: SD card format with the computer (not recommended that you select Quick format, under the normal procedure format, you can skip).
3 download Huawei G610 firmware packages, click here to download, after download unzip first, unzipped a DLOAD directory will appear. (Note that you must have this directory)
4: make sure DLOAD UPDATE.APP file exists in the directory, then copy the entire DLOAD to the root of your SD card. (Note that you must be the root directory cannot brush)
5: the phone is in shutdown state, insert the SD card, press volume up button + volume down key + switch key (press three keys), splash out, release the power button and continue to press and hold the volume up and down buttons until you enter the following upgraded interface and then release the volume up and down buttons.
6: about two minutes the entire upgrade process, do not press any key during the upgrade, strong brush finished, will be prompted on the screen, and then restart the phone up!

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